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Plant delivery

We know posting plants can come with some challenges, so all Candide sellers are covered by our free plant delivery insurance.



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It's free to list on Candide Marketplace, so you can just focus on making money.



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4. Create your first listing

Make sure your listings stand out, by adding a clear title, good quality photos, and a detailed description. For more help or advice on listing, please visit our support centre.


What our community says about us

"I love the marketplace! It's easy to swap & sell plants, and can’t emphasise enough the great experiences I have had."

"You can almost feel the kindness through your phone!"

"It's like Gumtree for gardening, but the added bonus of a plant-loving and trustworthy community."

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Who is Candide Marketplace for?

Plant lovers
Grow your collection and feed your passion for plants with Candide Marketplace. Swap with others, buy cuttings or sell your own propagated plants!
Join Candide to meet other likeminded plant lovers.
Independent sellers
Started your own plant related business? Reach new customers and generate more sales on Candide Marketplace. Whether you sell handmade pots, or practical garden tools, we can help your business get in front of the right people.
Already got an Etsy shop? We can import your listings in just a few minutes.
UK businesses
We’re passionate about promoting UK horticulture and supporting businesses in the industry, including plant nurseries, garden centres and plant shops. We're offering business listings to those busy businesses who still want to be found.
Claim your free business listing on Candide Marketplace.

What can you sell on Candide Marketplace?

houseplants candide marketplace


pots candide marketplace

Plant Pots, Hangers & Containers

decoration candide marketplace

Home Decoration & Garden Furniture

outdoor plants candide marketplace
garden tools candide marketplace
rare plants candide marketplace

Outdoor Plants

Garden Tools & Equipment

Rare plants

More categories are also available.

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