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In 2019 we developed our first ticketing solution, converting day tickets into garden memberships via our app, generating over 20,000 returning memberships in the first eight months. 

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic we have rapidly adapted our visitor solutions offering to gardens - providing contactless ticketing and capacity management solutions for reopening - while continuing to provide marketing consultation and digital content creation support.


Candide Visitor Management Solutions

No need to invest in sophisticated and expensive tools and infrastructure. Requires only a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to use.

Created for and with gardens. It's simple to set-up and you'll benefit from dedicated support throughout on-boarding.

Free for the rest of 2020 for gardens to try out for size, enabling you to reopen safely and profitably.

Advance Tickets and Contactless Entry

No need for visitors or staff to handle cash or printed tickets; visitors can pre-purchase a ticket online and be admitted to the garden by checking in and showing a code on their smartphone

Capacity Management

Limit visitor numbers by setting a cap on the number of tickets you want to sell per day. Visitors who want to arrive when its quietest can see ticket availability by day before purchasing.

Track & Trace

By purchasing tickets online, Candide holds the contact details of people who bought tickets for your garden on a specific date, enabling you to contact visitors quickly and efficiently in the event of a breakout.

Visitor Insights

Know how many people are in your garden at any one time, for reporting, to suspend admissions temporarily, and manage your queue. Candide enables you to check-in and out all visitors, keeping a live counter of who is in the garden. In addition we provide insight into popular arrival times, peak days, and where your visitors are coming from.

Digital Memberships

Enable your visitors to convert their advance day tickets to a digital annual pass which can be renewed annually in the Candide app. Like advance day tickets, you can scan members into the garden using our simple interface.

Garden API

Candide solutions are here to work hard for your garden venue. Your data belongs to you and our API gives you easy access to import your ticket, visitor and check-in data into your existing database or customer management system.

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