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Supporting gardens with digital events

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The Candide Visitor Solutions team exists to support gardens with digital transformation, whether that’s supporting with online ticketing solutions, providing basic marketing training, or helping with content creation.

As the Covid-19 crisis began, and lockdown restrictions came into full force, gardens began the daunting task of cancelling their on-site events.

The annual Festival of Plants at Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a highlight in the calendar and attracts large crowds every year. Due to lockdown closures Cambridge had a difficult choice to make - cancel the event in its entirety or reimagine the programme as a virtual experience.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Helen Needham got in touch with Candide to see how we could help support them in taking the event online and editing video content.

“Having never held an online event of this nature, the whole project was new to us, and we had a very short timeframe to turn it around. We were concerned about finding the content and getting it ready on time, and then that no one would take part. Fortunately the event went well with a lot of good content which was enjoyed by thousands.”

Candide edited a total of five themed videos along with an additional teaser video which Cambridge could use to promote their event on their website and social media. 

“It was a real pleasure to work with the Candide film. Making our films felt like a real team effort. The whole process was smooth and trouble free from our end and hopefully for the editing team too! We were really delighted with the final results and our viewers have been too. Our colleagues in the Garden have also really enjoyed them. One of the films was in the top 20 most viewed on our YouTube channel during the whole of lockdown (when we were producing a lot of digital output).”

“In the past few months the team at Candide has been friendly, accessible, approachable, professional and supportive during a very stressful and challenging time. We have really valued it.”

Here at Candide, the team thoroughly enjoyed working with Cambridge University Botanic Garden for their Festival of Plants. It was wonderful to see the event come together and to have been able to support bringing it to life. We are proud to be able to help gardens with a variety of different solutions catered to their needs.

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