Audio tours

Improving the visitor experience

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Audio tours enrich the visitor experience by providing context and history to what the visitor can see in a garden. They help the visitor learn more about planting styles and design, gain an insight into the thoughts and motivations of the garden designer, and find out how the garden changes over time and across seasons.

Implementing an audio tour at a visitor attraction is often costly and requires external devices to power the tour. With large start-up costs as well as requiring additional staff resources to distribute, clean, and help visitors use the device, they are often out of reach for gardens. They also inhibit visitors from truly experiencing the garden while they are there with often clunky handsets and headphones.

At Candide we saw a rich history in gardens that was often going unheard unless visitors had the opportunity to book on a guided or private tour, or happened to bump into a gardener or garden owner. These rich histories, anecdotes, and snippets are what can often bring a garden to life. We decided it would be wonderful if gardens could tell their stories in a more flexible way, and the in-app audio tour was created.

Enabling gardens to record their tour in their voice with the help of Candide staff, and all edited by us, visitors could listen to a garden audio tour on their own device be it, before, during or after a garden visit. Since 2018 we’ve recorded over 100 audio tours across UK gardens.

“What a fantastic audio tour of the Walled Garden Candide made for us. We couldn’t be more delighted by the response from our visitors and it has only enhanced their experience hearing about our restoration story in our own words. We could not recommend you do one more.”
Zara Gordon-Lennox (Gordon Castle).

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