We can help your garden grow

Help visitors find your garden, book tickets and discover your story; Candide makes managing your garden simple. 


Tickets and Memberships

Candide digital tickets

Sell digital tickets

Sell time slot tickets, day tickets or memberships to your visitors online and admit them contactlessly.


Avoid overcrowding

Cap the tickets you sell per day, and show 'last remaining tickets' messages to help customers.


Embrace simplicity

Our user-focused booking software makes the buying process easy and stress-free.

Candide visitor insights

Get visitor insights 

Gain insights into your visitors' behaviour, including busiest times and a live count of guests.

Digital memberships

Upsell memberships

Enable your visitors to convert their advance day ticket to a digital annual pass in the Candide app.

Candide garden api

Own your data

Your visitor data belongs to you - our API enables quick access to your ticket and visitor records.

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Why partner with Candide? 

Candide is a garden-focused company, founded and run by people passionate about gardens, with the understanding that this industry is different from most. We know that your plants might look their best at a different time of year to others, your garden might be located off the beaten track, or you might struggle to keep track of visitor numbers - that's not a problem. Our products are built around the needs of gardens like yours, and we're here to help you succeed.


Garden Profiles

From Eden to Kew, every garden has a unique and free profile on the Candide website. Fill in a 15 minute survey to update your information and get more Candide visitors in 2021.


Audio Tours

There's more to your garden than meets the eye. Tell the story in your own words and inspire your visitors in the garden or at home, with an exclusive Candide audio tour.
Record your audio tour


Coffee Mornings

Every four weeks on Thursday at 10AM, big and small gardens from across the country meet online at Candide coffee mornings to connect with each other, share ideas, and ask questions. Join for as long as you want with no obligations - just register your interest below.
Coffee Morning Registration

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